Softwares for signature pads

signotec is a specialist in the field of capturing handwritten electronic signatures and offers pen pads for special solutions and mobile devices. All pads are characterized by essential unique features, such as extra-wide, high-quality sensors, an unsurpassed variety of interfaces, terminal server capability and much more. The quality of the digitized signature and the associated usability in court were confirmed by an independent writing expert in an expert opinion. Software is always an important component of signature processes. The software components enable communication with the signature pad and the secure signature of PDF documents. In principle, signotec offers many different solutions for the flexible digitalization and partial automation of signature processes. It is hard to imagine everyday life without mobility. Fast and mobile signing via smartphones and tablets also plays an important role in rounding off processes. The signotec portfolio also includes various products for mobile working that can also be used flexibly on the move.

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Our Software Solutions

  • signoPAD-Tools.
  • signoSign/2.
  • signotec Adobe Plug-In.
  • signoSign/mobile.
  • signoSign/Universal.
  • signoPAD-API.
  • signoAPI.
  • signoPAD-API/Web


  • Capturing of signatures as image files.
  • Manage documents and templates.
  • Open, edit and sign PDF documents.
  • Extension for Adobe Reader and Acrobat Professional.
  • Create and manage signature workflows.
  • Integration into existing processes.
  • Advanced electronic signature according to ISO standard.
  • Perfect for use with professional PDF forms.
  • Web-based (platform-independent) signature software.
  • Tools for Microsoft Windows.


  • Highest security features..
  • Simple electronic signature.
  • Offline-capable.
  • Mobile Apps for Android and Apple iOS.
  • Capture of signatures as images and biometrics.