With the signoSign/2 software you can create PDF documents, sign them by hand and process them automatically. You can use signotec signature pads, Windows tablet -PCs or Android or Apple iOS mobile devices as input devices for handwritten signatures. This allows you to digitise signatures flexibly and easily. During document processing, the software also supports you with many options for automating the process. For example, you can predefine signature positions (signature fields), storage location, file name, e-mail dispatch and much more per document type. The software can recognise your documents based on these rules and process them accordingly. With the software, you can also generate legally compliant and legally admissible electronic signatures according to the ISO standard as well as the European eIDAS regulation, all directly within your digital document. A check of the integrity of the content can therefore be carried out by anyone at any time without any technical effort. No additional files or special systems are necessary.

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Our Key Features

  • Windows software.
  • Open, edit and sign PDF documents.
  • Flexible automation of process steps.
  • Highest security features.
  • Advanced electronic signature according to ISO standard.


  • Simple. Fast. Secure.
  • Functions at a glance.
  • Archiving.
  • Automation.
  • Security.


  • Remote Signature.
  • Security.
  • Use a Windows tablet -PCs to edit and sign your documents.
  • Send the document conveniently by e-mail at any time.
  • Various interfaces enable the integration into internal processes and the transfer of files for signature.