Signature Software signotec signoSign²

signoSign/2 offers an unsurpassed and constantly growing variety of functions to process and sign your documents digitally and automatically. This makes it possible to process each type of document ("document type") in an individual way, position signatures dynamically, save them automatically and send them by e-mail.

Electronic signature according to ISO standard with incremental insertion of individual signatures Support of common PDF formats and conformities Support of common Windows systems (PCs, laptops, tablet PCs, Windows servers) Executable under Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) and Citrix (Citrix Ready certified) Automatic and dynamic recognition of signature positions for each document Configuration of any number of document types Fill in and save PDF forms Definition of placeholders (variables) Confirmation and display texts during the signature process on the pad Automatic saving with individual file name (e.g. placeholder, date, etc.) Automatic dispatch of the signed document by e-mail Attaching further documents or images via webcam or scanner (e.g. ID card) User interface customization and protection "Secure Mode" for secure real-time display of the signature on the monitor Highest security through encryption and signature directly in the signature pad In addition, the software offers dozens of additional functions for editing the document as well as automated indexing and further processing.

signotec Pad Survey

Routine and repetitive surveys require a sophisticated and structured approach to the execution of the survey and the management and reporting of the survey response data. Designed well, robust and repeatable automated processes can take the grind out of handling survey data sets - improving quality and reducing cost on a daily basis. Survey Management System is a Windows application which empowers the development, distributing and analysis of survey forms to improve communication, process management, and decision support across the organization. This is suitable for institutes that require surveying and interviewing techniques to measure evaluation among different participant's levels and categories. Survey management System provides extensive features to harness a rich survey management experience.

survey system

signotec Adobe Reader and Acrobat Plug-In

The signotec Adobe Plug-In is a small extension for Adobe Reader and Acrobat. With this additional interface, you can sign PDF documents and forms directly in the familiar environment of the Adobe product - with no media or application breach. Signing is easier than ever. A click on the digital signature field* starts the signing process and then integrates it protected into the document. The signature is ISO-compliant and embedded in the document according to requirements of the advanced electronic signature. This protects the entire document from changes. Thus, the signed document can be checked at any time and without any effort for integrity and brought as evidence at a court. Sign your documents by hand - directly in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Capture a probative, handwritten signature incl. biometric data. Use existing signature fields. Supports signotec Signature Pads. Supports Windows Tablet-PCs. Advanced electronic signature. Electronic Signature according to ISO 19005-1:2005, 32000-1:2008.

Signature Application signotec signoSign/Universal

signoSign/Universal is a web-based product which serves for the integration of an electronic signature within a workflow without media discontinuity. The special feature of signoSign/Universal is that it can be used both stationary with signature pads (e.g. at PC workstations) and on mobile devices. The PDF viewer, which is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, can be called from an existing application. Within the viewer, common PDF documents can be displayed and processed. The software works with all common browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For the use of a signature pad only the installation of the signotec WebSocket Pad server is necessary As iOS or Android users, the proven signature apps are also available. These offer extended functions, such as "Open with" functionality, camera access, GPS coordinates and pen input. signoSign/Universal is a web application for displaying, editing and signing PDF documents and can be used flexibly from any end device. Apps and a small web application are available for simple applications. For more complex use cases, the application can be seamlessly integrated. Electronic signature according to ISO standard with incremental insertion of individual signatures. Support of common PDF formats and conformities. Platform independent web solution. Executable on all HTML5-capable devices. Automatic and dynamic recognition of signature positions for each document. Fill in and save PDF forms. Function for sharing with external users (remote signature). Individual certificate management for signature and encryption. Browser and app usage support.

signosign universal

signotec signoPAD-API

The signoPAD-API is a free and extremely powerful interface for integrating the signotec signature pads. Thus, the API offers a variety of functions to interact with the devices. As an integrator, you can display content (such as images, graphics, text, buttons, etc.) and documents, manage memory, configure standby images, slide shows, and control RSA and signature functionality in the pad. This variety of functions makes it possible to control simple or very complex contents and workflows via the device. The individual presentation and reaction options for your software offer limitless integration options. In addition, the signature can be saved in various graphic formats (with or without content of the LCD). Also, the complete biometrics of the signature can be recorded and saved (encrypted).

signosign universal

signoAPI (PDF-Signature)

The signoAPI is a powerful programming interface for system integrators. It has a simple interface for capturing a signature via a signature pad, Tablet-PC or mobile device as well as a complex interface for a ISO- and Adobe DigSig-compliant signature of PDF documents. In addition, it provides features to view, edit, validate (and even more) PDF documents. The signoAPI provides simple components for capturing a signature and digitally signing PDF documents. Simple interface for capturing signatures. Capture of image and biometric data. Interface for signature pads, Tablet-PCs and mobile devices. PDF display and navigation. PDF editing. PDF signature. ISO- & Adobe DigSig-compliant. Authenticity protection. Signature validation. Extensive documentation. The integration takes place via various components*, depending on the operating system. All components are available as 32- and 64-bit version.

signotec signoPAD-API/Web (Websocket Pad Server)

The signotec signoPAD-API/Web is a solution which realizes a web-based integration of signotec signature pads. It is a solution for communicating from a web application to signotec signature pads without the need for a browser plug-in. For integration, a JavaScript library is available. Alternatively, if technically required, it can also be communicated at the protocol level. Operation via ActiveX is possible as an option. The server runs on the PC or in the Citrix terminal session to which the signature device is connected. A web application running in a browser can then communicate with the signoPAD-API/Web. This allows content to be displayed on the pad and a signature (image and biometrics) to be transmitted to the web application. The signotec signoPAD-API/Web acts as a bridge between the web application (browser) and the local signature pad (USB / vCOM / Virtual Channel). Web-based integration of signature pads. Simple JavaScript and Protocol-Level interface. "API mode" for more complex pad functions. Secured data transmission. No Browser Plug-In needed (No NPAPI/ActiveX). Support common browsers. Extensive documentation. The signotec signoPAD-API/Web can be integrated into an existing web application.

signoAPI Apple iOS and Android

The signoAPI for Apple iOS and Android is a powerful programming interface for system integrators. It has an interface for capturing a signature via touch or pen-input as well as an interface for an ISO- and Adobe DigSig-compliant signature of PDF documents. The signoAPI provides a simple component for capturing a signature as an image and biometrics and another component for viewing and digitally signing PDF documents. Simple interface for capturing signatures. Capture of image and biometric data. Support for digitizer pens (e.g. S-Pen, M-Pen and Apple Pencil). PDF display and navigation. PDF editing. PDF signature. ISO- & Adobe DigSig-compliant. Authenticity protection. Signature validation. Extensive documentation.

signosign api

Biometric-API (Signature Verification)

The signotec Biometric-API allows you to do this biometric comparison of a signature in real time. You can record reference signatures of your customers and, e.g. save them in a separate database. Once a signature is captured in the process, it can be compared to the references (from your database) to calculate a percentage match. For a signature comparison you need at least 2 records. The classic application is to record 5 signatures via a signature pad and save them as references. A new signature can then be compared with these references. So, (e.g.) you can calculate an average in order to obtain the best possible and therefore very accurate result. The signotec Biometric-API is based on a neural network, which was developed in years of experience. The comparison is performed using complex mathematical algorithms. The Biometric-API allows the comparison between existing and/or real-time signatures. Integration into existing applications and workflows. Client or server-side operation possible. Comparison of existing signatures. Comparison of new signatures in real time. Comparison of static features (only image - 2D). Comparison of dynamic features (biometrics - 4D). Extensive documentation. The integration takes place via a COM component and is therefore a Windows-based solution.The Biometric-API can be operated on a Windows client as well as on a Windows server.

Biometris Sign