Signature Pad list

Signotec Gamma


The signotec Gamma is setting new standards in terms of design and functionality - the very flat signature pad impresses with its innovative sensor surface made of special hardened glass with ER technology as well as its high-resolution approx. 5-inch (12.6 cm) colour display, which enables excellent visualisation of graphic and text information.

  • 5" color display with 800 x 480 resolution
  • ERT sensor (reacts only to the pen)
  • Life expectancy of 30 million signatures
  • SlideShow up to 10 images in standby mode
  • Winner of the German Design Award 2016

Signotec Delta


The signotec Delta is designed for applications where it is important that complete documents can be displayed - A4 documents are shown in their original width. For scrolling, you can easily move the pencil on the display up or down to let the document slide. It is the ideal solution for banks, government agencies and businesses where complex documents needs.

  • 10.1" colour display with 1,280 x 800 resolution
  • Batteryless pen with 2,048 pressure levels
  • Ergonomic pen holder
  • Robust surface with 30 million signature support
  • Optional Ethernet port for network integration

Signotec Sigma


The signotec Sigma is the upgrade to the signotec Sigma LITE, as it is equipped with an approx. 4-inch (10.4 cm) monochrome display (LCD), optionally with or without backlight. The RTP sensor captures the electronic signature with a transmission rate of up to 500 Hz in 1,024 pressure levels. In addition, the Sigma can also show simple graphics and text information.

  • 4" LCD display with 320 x 160 pixel resolution
  • Available with and without backlight
  • Only one USB cable for connection
  • Cost-effective monochrome Signature Pad
  • Special foil surface for precise pen input

Signotec Zeta


The signotec Zeta is an unbeatable combination - from the already proven signature pads signotec Sigma and signotec Gamma. During the development process, explicit attention was paid to perfectly combining the advantages and technologies of both models: The German Design Award winning design of the signotec Gamma and its robustness of the ER technology meet the low-cost monochrome display.

  • 4.5" monochrome display with 320 x 200 resolution
  • Modern ERT sensor
  • Life expectancy of approx. 30 million signatures
  • Only one USB cable for connection
  • Transmission rate of the signature data at 500 Hz
  • Freely configurable standby image

Signotec Sigma LITE

Sigma Lite

The signotec Sigma LITE is a cost-effective version of our signature pads. The special feature: Instead of a display (LCD), the pad has an approx. 4-inch (10.4 cm) large, very durable writing surface for precise signature capture. The performed signature is recorded with 1,024 pressure levels and a transmission rate of up to 500 Hz and can be viewed on the monitor.

  • Cost-effective Signature Pad without display.
  • Extremely robust surface
  • 4" (10,5 cm) large writing surface
  • Batteryless pen with spring-loaded refill
  • Capturing of 1,024 pressure stages
  • Very high sensor resolution of 5,080 LPI

Signotec Omega


The signotec Omega is compact and appealing in design - the construction enables highly ergonomic signing, because the rounded sides allow a smooth transition of the ball of the thumb from the signature pad to the table. This pad is equipped with an approx. 5-inch (12.8 cm) color display, a signature capture with 1,024 pressure levels and a transmission rate of up to 500 Hz, enabling you to set clear accents at your POS.

  • 5" color display with 640 x 480 resolution
  • Integrated manual filing for convenient signature capture
  • Acquisition of 1,024 pressure stages
  • SlideShow up to 10 images in standby mode
  • Optional with NFC reader

Signotec Kappa


The signotec Kappa is a hybrid device developed by signotec, consisting of a signature pad and a fingerprint sensor. With its external dimensions of 175 x 194 x 30 mm, it is particularly compact and sets new standards in hybrid functionality.The signotec Kappa uses the same sensor as the signotec Sigma, so that even sweeping signatures can be captured without falling into the sensor's limitations. This is indispensable for the true-to-life and reliable capture of signatures. In addition, extensive text information can be displayed.The additionally integrated fingerprint sensor from the established manufacturer Futronic can be controlled separately and enables high-resolution capture of fingerprints.Despite the combination of two devices, only a single USB port is required.Icon Picture Gallery EN © signotec GmbH

  • 4" monochrome display with 320x160 resolution
  • Combination of signature pad and fingerprint sensor
  • High-resolution fingerprint sensor with infrared LED
  • Separate control of both device units own API
  • Only one USB cable for connection

Software Solutions for signotec

Intelligent software, numerous developer tools and many extras for your electronic signature.

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