Topaz-S751 Model Series

SignatureGem 4×5


SignatureGem® 4×5 is Topaz’s advanced, more durable electronic signature pad with a signing area large enough (5.3”W x 4.0″L) to accommodate paper forms or receipts for clients while you maintain a paperless electronic copy.

The Topaz SignatureGem® 4×5 is a durable, large-sized electronic signature capture pad. Featuring a rugged signing area, it is powered solely by your computer’s data port.

The digitizing pen, large signing area, and optional ink tip allow for both signed paper records and digitally signed documents.


  • Allows for paper copy/receipt in addition to electronic copy.
  • Interchangeable inking and plastic pen tips.
  • Rugged, more durable technology.
  • Signature seen on paper and computer screen only.