ENSIGN 11 is a versatile all-in-one graphometric signature pad. Its different applications make it the perfect tool for the digitalization of handwritten signatures. The possibility to personalize the pad with corporate branding is a great advantage for any business.

The 10.1” signature pads provides a simple and intuitive user experience. Connecting directly to the computer, guarantees security and agility for all signing processes, giving the same feeling as signing on paper. Its 2,048 pressure levels, the highest in this field, ensures optimum quality and precision of the collected data.


  • Unique signature pad with Multi-touch panel with native segregation of screen.
  • Directly connected to a computer, it offers a highly compact device with great stability, high levels of security and an elegant design.
  • Fulfils the highest levels of national and international safety standard of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • The pad captures a person’s handwritten signature and the biometric parameters such as pressure, acceleration, speed, rhythm, and movements in the air, embedding the biometric data in an electronic PDF document.
  • Every ENSIGN 11 pad uses a proprietary system with separate types of encryption for each form of transaction. The encryption engine prevents access to circuits and any attempt of sniffing sensitive data.