Milti-Currency Detector

gk420 series

Any direction and any side of note can be read, easy to operate. Up to 8 currencies detected at the same time: Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona, Switzerland Franc, Chinese RMB etc.

Bill Detector

gc420d series

With UV, water mark and magnetic detecting. Ultraviolet tube: 9W or 18W. Magnetic detecting (optional). Water mark detecting (optional). The UV tube is easy to replace. CE approved. ROHS Compliance. Power supply AC 220V

Cassida 3200

zt200 series

Cassida 3200 incorporates the most powerful counterfeit – detection technology available to the industry. The Cassida 3200 verifies Infrared security marks, the most reliable anti-counterfeit protection available for paper currency.

Cassida Uno

zt200 series

The Cassida UNO uses powerful IR technology to authenticate infrared security features present on bills. Infrared marks are the most advanced security feature. The special infrared camera transmits the bill's infrared image to the large adjustable, built-in monitor, enabling instant verification.

Cassida Titanum

zt200 series

When looking for a professional and reliable Mix Value Counter, Cassida Titanium is the best choice out there. Its revolutionary technology has surpassed global standards in currency counting machines. It has a convenient interface that makes it easy for users of various skill levels to become proficient.

Cassida 6650

zt200 series

Confidently count and authenticate the cash your business earns with the Cassida 6650 Business-Grade Bill Counter. Intelligently designed to combine the convenience of a back-loading machine with the smooth counting of a back loader, quick work of money counting–at speeds.Enabling instant verification.

Cassida C200

zt200 series

The Cassida C200 is the perfect solution for all your coin counting and sorting needs! It counts, sorts, batches and even wraps coins automatically. Simply pour your mixed change into the extra-large coin hopper and the C200 will count and sort them at up to 300 coins per minute