Signotec Kappa

The signotec Kappa is a hybrid device developed by signotec, consisting of a signature pad and a fingerprint sensor. With its external dimensions of 175 x 194 x 30 mm, it is particularly compact and sets new standards in hybrid functionality.

The signotec Kappa uses the same sensor as the signotec Sigma, so that even sweeping signatures can be captured without falling into the sensor’s limitations. This is indispensable for the true-to-life and reliable capture of signatures. In addition, extensive text information can be displayed.

The additionally integrated fingerprint sensor from the established manufacturer Futronic can be controlled separately and enables high-resolution capture of fingerprints.

Despite the combination of two devices, only a single USB port is required.


  • Trade and Industry
  • Banking and Exchange Houses
  • Insurance
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Public Authorities and Government Sectors

Used For

  • Contract Signing
  • Consent Signing
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Features of Signotec Kappa

  • 4″ (10.5 cm) monochrome display with 320 x 160 pixel resolution
  • Combination of signature pad and fingerprint sensor
  • High-resolution fingerprint sensor with infrared LED from Futronic
  • Internal secure signature creation device
  • Separate control of both device units via own API
  • Batteryless pen with special spring-loaded refill
  • Acquisition of 1,024 pressure stages
  • Resolution of the sensor of 2.214 x 1.130 ppi
  • Transmission rate of the 4D signature data at 500 Hz
  • Only one USB cable for connection
  • Patented security for the conclusive signature of PDF documents