Epsilon Touch

Compared to the signotec signature pads, the signotec Epsilon Touch Pen Display is a 15.6″ (39.5 cm) monitor extension with pen and touch input.

The display is connected to the PC as a second monitor via VGA or HDMI. The main display can be duplicated or extended via the monitor settings in Windows. The signature capture application is displayed on the pen display.

The operating system can be used by pen or touch input. In compatible applications, the pen input can also be used for notes and drawings in addition to capturing signatures. An optional API is available for direct access to the coordinates of the pen and the pressure data. This can also be used to separate the mouse movement from the pen input.

Features of Epsilon Touch

  • Monitor extension via VGA or HDMI
  • 15.6″ (25.5 cm) color display with 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution
  • Batteryless pen with 2,048 pressure levels
  • Transmission rate of the 4D signature data at 250 Hz
  • Extremely robust surface with a service life of over 30 million signatures
  • 10-Point Capacitive Multi-Touch
  • Magnetic resonance technology with touch and pen input.
  • Recording of the pen movement up to 15 mm height