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3200 series Automatic Counterfeit Detector

  • Verify up to 6 currencies including AED, USD.
  • Ability to change the basic version of the currencies list.
  • Unlimited currency combinations.
  • System self-diagnoses itself at machine start-up.​
  • Easy software update via PC.​
  • Advanced software provides accurate and fast verification.
  • ​Easy to use – no bill authentication knowledge necessary.
  • Displays full denomination information : count totals or  value totals of processed bills.
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3200 series Automatic Counterfeit Detector Description

Cassida 3200 incorporates the most powerful counterfeit – detection technology available to the industry.
The Cassida 3200 verifies Infrared security marks, the most reliable anti-counterfeit protection available for paper currency.

Thanks to advanced sensors, the detector checks for magnetic marks, conducts bill color spectrum analysis and verifies Infrared security marks. The detector displays a number of verified bills and their grand total value.