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MorphoSmart™ Finger VP

The MorphoSmart Finger VP enables user registration directly from the host computer and can be integrated into various desktop applications. It stands out as the first multimodal sensor capable of managing both vein and fingerprint data concurrently.

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MorphoSmart™ Finger VP Description

The MorphoSmart Finger VP is a USB multimodal finger vein and fingerprint module, offering a powerful and accurate solution to enhance security and performance.


This sensor combines two complementary biometric technologies—fingerprint and vein recognition—making it the only device capable of capturing and processing both types of biometric data simultaneously.


Designed for robustness, it features an IP65 rated sensing window, making it resistant to scratches, vibrations, and shocks. It operates effectively across a wide temperature range (-10° to 50° Celsius) and is straightforward to integrate and use. The sensor can recognize finger vein and fingerprint biometrics in less than 1 second and supports a large storage capacity of up to 5000 users.


Moreover, the MorphoSmart Finger VP holds numerous certifications, including compliance with EMC/safety standards such as CE, CB, FCC, and NF EN 60825-1 2008-01 (Laser Safety), as well as RoHS, REACh, and WEEE directives, ensuring high standards of safety and environmental responsibility.

Technical Features of MorphoSmart™ Finger VP

  • Successful alliance between two biometric technologies for higher security.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Universal and intuitive device
  • Autonomous biometric reader
  • High accuracy in identification and enrolment
  • High capacity database
  • Against cheating
  • Enrolment failure rate reduced substantialy
  • Certifications: PIV IQS from the FBI