Xenon Ultra 1960h Healthcare Scanner

The Xenon Ultra for healthcare is a premium evolution of the widely known legacy Xenon and Xenon XP healthcare scanners, taking our industry-leading scan performance and reliability one step further.

The Xenon Ultra 1960h incorporates Honeywell’s next generation of scanning – allowing patient care to stay top priority for clinicians, improving retention of employees and lowering the total cost of ownership for hospitals.

Features of Xenon Ultra 1960h Healthcare Scanner

  • The Honeywell ScannerManagement Utility (SMU) creates a holistic solution that automates how youdeploy and update the scanners in your environment.
  • Disinfectant Ready Anti-Microbial Housing
  • Multiple operating modes are available to ensure maximum patient comfort while maintaining clinician productivity, such as Patient Do-Not Disturb, Vibration, and Scan Lamp.
  • Object Detection (IR): Avoid false scanner wake ups to lower/prevent patient annoyance or disturbances
  • Gun Shape