Emirates ID Integration

To simplify the usage of the emiratesID card and its certificates ICA has set up a Validation Gateway (VG). VG will enable governments as well as organizations to make use of the emiratesID card in an online scenario. The VG is a service available online that offers a wide variety of digital functionality related to the emiratesID card. IBS provides an Emirates ID integration solution which can be used for various businesses with offline or online data verification. The validation gateway and data matching services fall under the name of integration services and this service is one of the services provided by the federal authority for identity and citizenship, the validation gateway enables the establishments that benefit from this service to remove the complications in using the ID card in e-transactions. It also provides high accuracy in ensuring that the person who is submitting any request in an entity is the same as the person holding the ID card through verifying the fingerprint.

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Verify that EIDA Card is genuine and checking the status


Read ID Card personal information


Biometric verification of cardholders with fingerprints

Our Key Features

  • Online verification using ICA validation gateway
  • Web scripting API to integrate third-party web application
  • Web, Mobile & Windows platforms are available
  • Capture card details in offline and online mode
  • Verify the genuinity of the card
  • Check the card status
  • Read ID Card personal information
  • VG verifies card correctness and validity
  • Check towards central system online
  • Biometric Verification of card holders with fingerprints
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  • Securely identifying individuals for accessing online services, i.e. governmental portals, online banking, private organizations web applications etc.
  • Making more services available for the card holders online thus being more efficient.
  • Reducing the need of multiple databases containing parts of information about the individual, thus also reducing risk of errors in typing or collecting information.
  • Enhancing security for the card holders when using online services by signing and encrypting data.
  • Reducing the amount of papers when documents can be handled and stored electronic.
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  • Support various smart card readers and Keyboard
  • Read offline data
  • Read Public Data (Online)
  • Easy Integration with any web solutions
  • User prefernce enable or disable online verification