The modern image of any respectable organization is vitally important. It is also vital to make it easy and pleasurable for the visitor e.g. he does not need to type his name etc. At the same time the organization wants to have details of the visitors for security and other purposes.

GRM is an easy and simple to use visitor’s logging system specifically designed to meet the requirements of organizations in UAE. For UX, it uses itellegent devices to capture the details of the visitor, whom he is visiting and any required additional details. The system uses an EID reader and a Signature pad (optional) to capture the required information.

Major Features

  • Eliminate the paper based register
  • Helps banks better manage their operational risk
  • Single screen to manage the visitor entry and exit
  • Email, SMS and call alert when a visitor reaches the reception
  • Emirates ID reader support for automatic capture of the visitor information
  • Manual input of other types of ID’s e.g.passports, labor cards and driving licenses
  • Automated signature capturing
  • Automated signature capturing
  • Visual verification of the signature of the visitor against signature stored in ID card
  • SMS/ email alerts with Security person comments to alert the visited person
  • ‘Search-Engine’ based reports’ generator
  • Barcode reader support to capture Entry Badge number if required

Guest Registration System